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Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 6th

I’m coming off my best night of betting so far, so let’s see if I can keep it rolling. Home Team in Italics  and Best Bets indicated with ** Last Night: 8-3 (+580 betting $100 on every game) Overall Record: 24-15 (+1,030 betting $100 on every game) Best Bets: 4-2 (+215)   Washington (-105) over Chicago Cubs With Max Scherzer on the mound, the Nationals have the clear pitching edge over John…


Early Bird Fantasy Football Top 10 Rankings

I know, I know. Its the beginning of May, why am I worried about fantasy football? The Super Bowl was just a couple months ago and teams haven’t even met for OTAs. But football season seems so close, I can taste it. In fact, just the other day I found out that mock draft lobbies are now open on ESPN. So due to my undying love for fantasy football, and boredom, here…


Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 5th

Home Team in Italics  and Best Bets indicated with ** Last Night: 7-6 (+90) Overall Record: 16-12 (+450) Best Bets: 2-1 (+115)   Philadelphia (+155) over St. Louis Phillies have nice value today considering that while the majority of bettors are taking the Cardinals, most of the big money is on Philadelphia. Cleveland (-120) over Detroit This one’s a toss up, but I’ll go with the home team. Baltimore (-105) over New York…


NBA Playoffs: Star Wars Comparisons

May the Fourth be with you. If you haven’t noticed the countless Twitter posts or reminders on SportsCenter, today is May 4th. A day where Star Wars nerds far and wide join together to pay homage to one of the greatest movie series in history. I grew up on Star Wars. Kick-ass light saber fights coupled with blaster pistols and huge explosions captivated me. However, after the Revenge of the…


Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 4th

Full slate of games today, most of which are on the earlier side. Let’s see if I can build off yesterday’s momentum. *Home Team listed in Italics. **Two aster-risks indicate one of my three best bets of the day in terms of value. Last Night: 9-6 (+360) Overall Record: 9-6 (+360) Record Picking Favorites: 5-2 (+200) Record Picking Underdogs: 4-4 (+160) **Cincinnati (+115) over San Francisco I’ve been burned the last two…


Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 3rd

I was looking at today’s slate of MLB games trying to see if any particular team was providing good betting value. I tried searching for some information regarding predictions for each MLB game, but I couldn’t find anything substantial. Maybe I can be your go-to source for MLB predictions on a daily basis if this article goes well. Anyways, here are predictions for every MLB game (May 3rd). *Note- Home…