Meet the Squad


Our goal at Check Down is to present you- the sports fan- with the most insightful, bold, and heartfelt takes on the hottest storylines in sports. 



And as a testament to our excellence in this regard, we were recently named by Feedspot as one of the 40 best sports betting websites in the world, as well as one of the 20 best football betting websites, thanks largely to the quality and consistency of our posts, influence on Facebook and other social media platforms, and our Google search reputation.

We’re particularly proud of these rankings because we consider Check Down, relative to the other prominent blogs on that list such as Betway, Sports Insights, and Betfair, to still be in its nascent stages considering we began operations in May 2016. Plus, they even gave us cool badges to honor these achievements! 




Stay up to date with our team of writers that will continue fulfilling our promise to deliver the most insightful, bold, and heartfelt sports opinions. 


Erik Manditch- “Mando”


The Billy Beane of Check Down 


Nick Fronte- “Fronte”


The Brian Cashman of Check Down


Josh Brown- “Brownie”


A slimmer and better looking version of Brian Windhorst 


Jack McElduff- “JMac”


He’s like our Andre Iguodala 


Austin Albertson- “Alby”

Covering sports business and other niche topics


Jeb Clarke- “Jeb” 


He’s our Jonah Hill from Moneyball




Jake Hempel- “Hempdad”


The heart and soul of Check Down