Meet the Squad


Our goal at Check Down is to present you- the sports fan- with the most insightful, bold, and heartfelt takes on the hottest storylines in sports. 



This is our team of writers that will fulfill that promise.


Erik Manditch- “Mando”


The Billy Beane of Check Down 


Nick Fronte- “Fronte”


The Brian Cashman of Check Down


Josh Brown- “Brownie”


A slimmer and better looking version of Brian Windhorst 


JonPaul Crichton“JP”


Barry Melrose without the flow 


Jeb Clarke- “Jeb” 


He’s our Jonah Hill from Moneyball


Jack McElduff- “JMac”


He’s like our Andre Iguodala 


Drew Levine- “Drew”


A poor man’s Kirk Herbstreit


Ben Szanton- “Ben”

The Aristotle of sports talk


Jake Hempel- “Hempdad”


The heart and soul of Check Down


Aidan Meade- “Meade”

The guy you can ask whether to use an 8 or a 9 iron


Marco Barratta- “Marco”

The guy who can do it all 


Hayden Smith- “Haydo”

He’s our UFC guy, when we need him 


Pat Geiger- “Father Pat”

The baseball purist 


Pete DeLalio- “Pete”

Our shutdown reliever out of the bullpen 


Austin Albertson- “Alby”

Covering sports business and other niche topics