An Exclusive Interview with Stuart Sternberg- Principal Owner of the Tampa Bay Rays

May 31, 2016

We here at Check Down were honored to be able to interview Stuart Sternberg, principal owner of the Tampa Bay Rays. After taking over the Rays in 2005, Stuart’s presence helped usher in an new era of success for the previously downtrodden franchise. Most notably, the Rays won the American League pennant in 2008 in one of the more stunning single-season turnarounds in MLB history. But another impressive feat that…


An Exclusive Interview With Phil Booth: Villanova’s Unsung Hero

May 24, 2016

Although Villanova’s Phil Booth came off the bench throughout the tournament, you wouldn’t have known it if you were tuning into the team for the first time. Booth dropped 20 points, leading the team to their first national championship win since 1985. Booth hit clutch bucket after clutch bucket, including a buzzer beater at the end of the first half which would have been the highlight of the game had…