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Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 5th

Home Team in Italics  and Best Bets indicated with ** Last Night: 7-6 (+90) Overall Record: 16-12 (+450) Best Bets: 2-1 (+115)   Philadelphia (+155) over St. Louis Phillies have nice value today considering that while the majority of bettors are taking the Cardinals, most of the big money is on Philadelphia. Cleveland (-120) over Detroit This one’s a toss up, but I’ll go with the home team. Baltimore (-105) over New York…


NBA Playoffs: Star Wars Comparisons

May the Fourth be with you. If you haven’t noticed the countless Twitter posts or reminders on SportsCenter, today is May 4th. A day where Star Wars nerds far and wide join together to pay homage to one of the greatest movie series in history. I grew up on Star Wars. Kick-ass light saber fights coupled with blaster pistols and huge explosions captivated me. However, after the Revenge of the…


Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 4th

Full slate of games today, most of which are on the earlier side. Let’s see if I can build off yesterday’s momentum. *Home Team listed in Italics. **Two aster-risks indicate one of my three best bets of the day in terms of value. Last Night: 9-6 (+360) Overall Record: 9-6 (+360) Record Picking Favorites: 5-2 (+200) Record Picking Underdogs: 4-4 (+160) **Cincinnati (+115) over San Francisco I’ve been burned the last two…


Rapid Fire MLB Predictions- May 3rd

I was looking at today’s slate of MLB games trying to see if any particular team was providing good betting value. I tried searching for some information regarding predictions for each MLB game, but I couldn’t find anything substantial. Maybe I can be your go-to source for MLB predictions on a daily basis if this article goes well. Anyways, here are predictions for every MLB game (May 3rd). *Note- Home…


Ranking the Thirteen Most-Cursed Franchises in Sports

As the Portland Trailblazers battle the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Semifinals, the Los Angeles Clippers and their fans must be miserable. Injuries to their two star players–Chris Paul and Blake Griffin–not only derailed their chances of beating the Blazers, but an opportunity to knock off the Stephen Curry-less Warriors as well. To say that nothing goes right for the Clippers is an understatement. Even after climbing out…