NBA Season in Review: Counting Down the Ten Most Memorable Moments

I’m still reeling off last night’s unbelievable Game 7. I’ll have plenty to say about that game- don’t worry. But for now, I can’t help to think about how awesome this NBA season was. So, in honor of this tremendous year in the NBA, here is a ranking of the top moments of 2015-16 that will live on for decades.

Honorable Mentions: Curry drops 40 against Blazers in return from ankle injury; Lakers upset Warriors; Warriors defeat Cavs on Christmas; Durant scores 41 in Game 4 against Spurs

10 Kyle Lowry’s Half-Court Heave Forces Overtime


This shot drew an audible reaction from me. The Raptors had no business taking this game to overtime, but it’s always fun to see crazy shots like this happen in playoff games.

9 Golden State Completes 73-Win Season


Let’s make sure I’m clear: I have the Warriors 73rd win ranked here because the game itself where they passed the ’96 Bulls wasn’t that memorable (it wasn’t even the most notable game of the night). Of course, the Warriors historic season will be remembered for decades.

8a Thunder Escape Spurs in Game 2

8b Thunder Escape Spurs in Game 5 


I grouped these two games together because they featured very similar endings. After getting blown out in Game 1 of the Western Semifinals, the Thunder got themselves back into the series-with a little help from the referees, though. Dion Waiters clearly pushed Manu Ginobili at the end of Game 2, costing the Spurs a final possession that surely wouldn’t have been as chaotic as their final attempt without the foul call. Game 5 came down to another thrilling, yet controversial, ending as well in which the referees didn’t quite know when to make a foul call.

7 Warriors Take Game 7 over Thunder


This was arguably the most hyped non-Finals game I can remember; and it certainly lived up to the billing, despite a lackluster final two minutes from a beaten Thunder team.

LaVine vs Gordon in the Slam Dunk Contest 


Let’s not this one fade away. All everyone has been talking about in recent years is how the dunk contest has lost its way. That can’t be said about this year’s main event: the highlights I linked speak for themselves.

LeBron and Kyrie Explode in Game 5 of Finals


Facing elimination, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving combined for one of the most dominating two-man shows in recent memory.

4 Curry’s Buzzer Beater Shocks Oklahoma City


When it’s all said and done, Stephen Curry’s career highlight tape might lead off with this shot. Yet in addition to Curry’s spectacular game-winner, this game featured a major comeback from the Warriors and a shocking final sequence, making it one of the more exciting regular season games in a long time.

3 Klay Thompson’s 11 3-Pointers Rescue Warriors


The Warriors were in another struggle at Oklahoma City, only this time they were on the brink of elimination. But then Klay Thompson took over, putting together a 41-point performance with a playoff-record 11 threes. He single-handily brought Golden State back into the game. Moreover, this game was thrilling towards the end, with Oklahoma City unraveling in the final two minutes.

2 Kobe’s 60-Point Finale


It was painful watching Bryant struggle his way through his final season. Fortunately for us, he had enough in the tank for not simply one last great outing, but a legendary performance as impressive as his 81-point game in 2006. It was vintage Kobe, too: hoisting shot after shot, not passing, draining fall-away jumpers, and, ultimately, leading the Lakers to victory. I bet it will be a long time before we see a regular season game as memorable as this one.

1 Cleveland Prevails in Game 7 for the Ages

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors

What else were you expecting? That was one of the most intense NBA games I’ve ever seen! I was nervous and I didn’t even have a dog in the fight!

I’ve seen great things happen in the NBA over these last ten years or so. But never have I witnessed a season as compelling, as exciting, and as epic as this one. Let’s hope the 2016-17 season is as thrilling as this one!


Kyle Lowry photo courtesy of Slam Online 

Stephen Curry photo #1 courtesy Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Russell Westbrook photo courtesy of USA Today Sports

Stephen Curry photo #2 courtesy of Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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