Tim Tebow Does Baseball?

You gotta love this. Tim Tebow, the Great Gator, the Breaker of Chains, is getting a shot to work out in front of at least 20 MLB scouts on Tuesday, August 30th. This is the same guy who got an entire, one-hour SportsCenter episode dedicated to him after playing just one season in the NFL. Absolute legend.

Now, for everyone who thinks Tebow is trying this new sport just for publicity, as some thought to be the case with Michael Jordan when he tried his hand at baseball in the mid-90s, you have to at least respect what Tebow is trying to do. He’s unintentionally following in the footsteps of athletes like Deion Sanders and Vincent “Bo” Jackson, two of the greatest athletes to play the sport of football who also had great success in the MLB. On top of that, Tebow is already at a great disadvantage considering Sanders and Jackson actually played collegiate ball at big time D1 programs; the last time Tebow played baseball was in high school.

What makes Tebow’s bid at the bigs more enjoyable to watch than any athlete who has attempted this before is that he’s making the transition to baseball as a former quarterback. Sure, you could make the argument that quarterbacks have incredibly strong arms (see Colin Kaepernick’s first pitch at AT&T Park) and that it could maybe help him become a decently hard-throwing, or maybe even a crafty, lefty pitcher. But, what makes this move by Tebow that much more exciting to analyze is that he wants to become a positon-player in the big leagues. Tebow wants to bat.

I truly envy this guy’s confidence. The fact that he is going to be scrutinized by more than half of the league’s big time scouts just proves his unwavering faith in his ability. I also love how possible-Hall of Famer Gary Sheffield is fully endorsing Tebow’s move, as if to say that Tebow is such a naturally gifted ballplayer that his decade away from the game won’t greatly affect his play.

Nobody really knows how good Tebow will be at his try-out. Yes, his swing in some released videos looks powerful, but many are still questioning his ability to produce against professional pitching.

I’ll always support Tebow and give him the benefit of the doubt. If he thinks he has a shot at the big leagues, then why not at least entertain the idea. I salute you, Tim Tebow, for August 30th will be your judgment day, and all I can do is wish that a Yankees scout is reckless enough to suggest you be signed by New York.

Photo courtesy of Orlando Sentinel 

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