Ranking the Best Games in the NBA Finals since 2000

With Game 1 of the 2016 NBA Finals set to tip-off in a little under 24 hours, I have been feeling reminiscent. I mean, how can you not love the NBA Finals? For me, it’s chill city before the game even starts once the ABC introduction begins. And I know the NBA playoffs has its critics, but I mentioned yesterday how the NBA Finals is as epic as any sporting event, with the Super Bowl being the only possible exception. So with this in mind, I felt like ranking the best games in the Finals since 2000. I made the cut off at 2000 because I frankly don’t have the knowledge to elaborate on what made the 1969 NBA Finals so great, for instance. Plus, I think it’s more fun to talk about stuff that has happened more recently.

Best Games 

12) 2010, Game 5: Boston over Los Angeles

11) 2012, Game 4: Miami over Oklahoma City 

10) 2006, Game 3: Miami over Dallas

9) 2010, Game 7: Los Angeles over Boston

8) 2005, Game 7: San Antonio over Detroit

7) 2001, Game 1: Philadelphia over Cleveland

6) 2015, Game 1: Golden State over Cleveland  

5) 2013, Game 7: Miami over San Antonio

4) 2011, Game 2: Dallas over Miami 

3) 2008, Game 4: Boston over Los Angeles 

2) 2005, Game 5: San Antonio over Detroit 

1) 2013, Game 6: Miami over San Antonio 

What else did you think would be #1?

Bonus: Best Series: 2013- Miami over San Antonio 

Many believe this is the greatest series in NBA Finals history. It had everything: a shot for the ages from Ray Allen; a historic Game 7 performance from LeBron James; crazy momentum swings from game to game. If this year’s Finals can even come close to this one, we’ll be in for a great one.

Honorable Mentions: 2010- Los Angeles over Boston; 2011- Dallas over Miami

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