Gronk To Be Madden 17 Cover Boy

Not a bad choice EA, not a bad choice at all. Despite being a Jets fan, I can’t help but admire how awesome Rob Gronkowski is. From trucking defenders and catching touchdown passes to partying on a boat with beautiful women, how can you not respect the guy? Don’t get me wrong, when the Jets and Patriots play I’m rooting for Gronk to get his teeth kicked in. In fact, how can I not be annoyed that Gronk pretty much makes the Jets look like a pee wee team in the Madden trailer? Come on EA, haven’t us Jets’ fans been through enough?

However, in any other game I have to tip my cap to someone with the playmaking ability to do this, or this, week in and week out. Bottom line, Gronk is fun to watch and has the power to take over the game. That’s exactly what you want to see out of a Madden cover boy. We all know that Odell Beckham fits that criteria pretty damn well. Aside from Gronk, I think Cam Newton or Antonio Brown would have been great options. Everyone seemed to hop on the Cam Newton bandwagon last year, as he was throwing touchdowns, winning ball games, and showing off his dance moves every moment in between. As for Antonio Brown, well, he just put up video game numbers last season. Bubble screens, yards after the catch, or coming down with jump balls, you name it and AB can do it.

I’m excited to see how the game turns out this year. I’m not a Madden-nut, but I really enjoy playing. Based on the trailer and choosing Gronk to be featured on the cover, I’d say EA is making the right moves. Maybe after scoring a touchdown, they can have Gronk celebrating by chugging a beer. Maybe? Hey, its just a thought.

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