The Not So Complicated Satellite Camp Debate

June 10, 2016

If you’ve been paying any attention to college football the past few months then you have most certainly heard about the never-ending debate over whether satellite camps will be allowed or not. Before I break down the argument for and against them, let me tell you what they are. Satellite camps are camps held in certain regions of the country (particularly the south) where a large group of high school…


The Way-Too-Early Top 25

June 4, 2016

First let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Drew Levine and I’ll be a Junior at the prestigious Merrimack College (The U) in the fall. I’ll mainly be writing about college football here at Check Down and before I say anything else let me make one thing very clear; I am a diehard Notre Dame fan and my bias for them will be abundantly clear the more…