Best Video You’ll See Today: Top 100 Plays of the 2017 NFL Season


A few thoughts on the video…

  1. Play that should’ve been ranked higher: the Andy Dalton touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd that shocked the Ravens and sent Buffalo to the playoffs. That was arguably the top highlight of the regular season. No business only being ranked #22.
  2. Play that should’ve been ranked lower: I could think of a bunch, but what’s the deal with a relatively meaningless Davante Adams touchdown pass to beat the Browns doing at #12?
  3. Want to know why the Eagles should be Super Bowl favorites next year? Check out Carson Wentz on plays #34 and #26. Unbelievable!
  4. And lastly…how was the Minneapolis Miracle not #1??? I have no problem with the “Philly Special” coming in at, say, #2 since it was arguably the most memorable highlight of Super Bowl LII. But the Keenum to Diggs touchdown pass to stun the Saints is easily one of the most shocking moments in NFL history!

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