Where Does Aaron Rodgers Rank Among the All-Time Great QB’s?


(Son enters the living room.)


Son: Yeah, dad?


(Dad glances up at his son and looks back to the floor. He takes a sip of his coffee.)


Dad: Sit down, son.


Son: Ok. So…what do you want to talk about?


Dad: Well, your mother figured it was better if I had this discussion with you, seeing as I’m your dad, after all. 


(Son nods. Dad takes another sip of his coffee.)


Son: We’re about to have “the talk” now, aren’t we?


Dad: That’s right, son. 


(Dad sips from his coffee once more.)


Dad: Let me ask you something. Where do you think Aaron Rodgers ranks among the greats?


(Son looks quickly at his Dad, surprised.)


Son: Oh. (laughs) That’s what you want to wanted to talk about? 


Dad: What else is there to talk about? Is there something you’re not telling me?


Son: Oh no, no. Yes, Rodgers. I mean, where do I begin? He’s right up there. Obviously. 


Dad: Depends what you mean by “up there.”


Son: You saw the game yesterday.


Dad: Oh, I did.


Son: That throw he made at the end to Cook is going to go down as one of the greatest plays in playoff history. No doubt about it. 


Son: Who else could make that type of throw?


Dad: Not too many people.


(Dad takes another sip of his coffee).


Son: Well? 


Dad: How many rings does he have? 


Son: One, as of now. He’s only thirty-three, though. 


Dad: Only thirty-three? 


Son: It’s not his fault he had to sit behind Favre all those years. Plus, these days, thirty-three means he’s got

another seven years left. 


Dad: I guess anyone can do anything nowadays. We’ll see that take place this Friday. 


Son: Anyway, you can’t really argue with his rate statistics. He’s got the highest passer rating and the lowest

interception rate of all-time.  Simply put, no one has played the position more precisely than baaddd mannn


Dad: (rolls his eyes) You and your stats. Also, will you give the Stephen A. Smith impersonation a rest? It’s

starting to get old. 


Son: Yeah, well, I could go on all day with the “stats.” He’s won two MVP’s, for one thing. He’s practically led

the league in every key statistic at one point, too: Touchdown percentage, net yards per attempt, Total QBR–

you name it.


Dad: Here we go…


Son: I mean, he’s had a quarterback rating over 100 in seven of his nine years as a starter. And then when you

adjust for his particular era, Rodgers looks even more dominant–


Dad: Alright, please, will you give it a rest? We know Rodgers is great. Is he in the top ten among quarterbacks

if he retired today? Yeah, probably.


Son: Yeah, definitely. 



Dad: But we already went over the one stat that truly matters: One. He’s got just one Super Bowl ring! Not only

that, but he’s only got one Super Bowl appearance. Forget about Brady and Montana. That puts him behind

Peyton. That puts him behind Elway. That puts him behind Starr, Favre, Bradshaw, Staubach–all those guys. 


Son: You saying that Rodgers isn’t better than most of those guys you just mentioned?


Dad: He might be more skilled  than most of those guys. He certainly hasn’t accomplished more, though. That’s

why I think he’s got to do a little bit more before this debate gets serious. What’s his playoff record, after all?


Son: 8-6. No, wait, 9-6. Forgot to count yesterday’s game. 


Dad: Not bad. Again, not Brady or Montana level, though. You’d think that if Rodgers was as great as you say he

is, his Packers would have been to more than one  Super Bowl title in his nine  years as a starter. 


Son: You can’t really say that’s all Rodgers’ fault.  


Dad: What do you mean? He’s the quarterback!


Son: Rodgers’s postseason quarterback rating is the fourth highest in history. That’s higher than everyone

outside of Starr, Kurt Warner, and Drew Brees. What do you say to that? 


Dad: You can have all the stats in the world. If your team doesn’t win, than it doesn’t matter. 


Son: You’re making like Rodgers plays like Peyton Manning in the playoffs!


(Dad gets a big laugh out of that one.)


Dad: Hey, I’m not the biggest Manning guy out there, either. But last time I checked, Manning played in four

Super Bowls. I’d also wager Rodgers still doesn’t come close to Manning in terms of overall stats.


Son: True. He doesn’t. 


Dad: I’ll put it to you this way: Rodgers is going to have to play a lot longer to catch guys like Manning, Brady,

and even Brees in terms of total touchdowns, passing yards, the whole shebang. 


Son: Yeah, I guess that’s true. Not to mention Favre, Marino–some of those older guys.


Dad: Marino is one of the older guys now? Jesus, I’ve really aged.


Son: Back to what you were saying, you’re basically arguing that Rodgers still doesn’t have the longevity of

some of the all-timers.


Dad: Correct. Not enough rings, either.


Son: Emphasis on the word yet.


Dad: Sure. 


Son: Could change as early as this year.


Dad: That’s true. If Rodgers can beat the Falcons and just take this Packers team to Houston, I don’t think

there’s any doubt he’s done enough to lock up his spot in the top ten. 


Son: Pshh…he’s in the top ten already. I’m thinking top five.


Dad: You’re pushing it. Give him time. He needs to build up his resume more. 


Son: Can you really think of five guys that have played the position better than Rodgers?


Dad: This isn’t about who’s got more talent. Anyone can arbitrarily argue who has the better arm or who has

better pocket presence. I’m talking about who’s accomplished the most! 


Son: Fair enough. I guess Rodgers needs at least one or two more Super Bowl victories before we throw him up

there with Brady, Montana, and some of those guys. 


Dad: Agreed.


Son: But I still don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone dominate quite like Rodgers.


Dad: You’re entitled to your opinion.


Son: You know what’s undisputed, though?


Dad: I know what you’re going to say.


Son: Less than five seconds left.


Dad: Within sixty yards of the end zone.


Son & Dad: I’m taking Rodgers.



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