Ballers Season Two Preview

We’re at a point in the summer where the sport’s world is dominated by baseball and what scarce NFL headlines can find their way into the spotlight before training camp officially starts. Lucky for us, on Sunday at 10pm ET/PT, Ballers will premiere its first episode of season two.

I’m not going to try and act like Ballers is the best TV show out there because it hardly is. But is it fun to watch? Hell yes. Any show that combines football, money, crazy parties, and beautiful women is right up my alley. Because the show is produced by Stephen Levinson and Mark Wahlberg it has an Entourage feel to it, which I absolutely love. With the characters having had a chance to develop during season one, I’m expecting big things from season two. I think it gets funnier, more intense, and will have a lot more cameos from celebrities and athletes alike. It’s been a full year since season one of Ballers aired, but lucky for you I binge-watched it these past three days. So, let’s take a look at where the show left off:

Spencer and Joe to head Anderson Financial’s sports division

Spencer and Joe’s relationship with Mr. Anderson was a bit rocky throughout season one. But none of that matters now because these two, backed with $5 million from Anderson, are in charge of the company’s sports division that they worked so hard to grow.

Vernon locks down his big contract extension with Dallas

Thanks to having the best agent in the league and Spencer making sure those pictures of him smoking weed didn’t hit the internet, Vernon becomes one of the highest paid defensive players in the league. After Reggie and his family putting him in debt, Vernon will now be able to continue his lavish lifestyle we so know and love without having to worry.

Ricky and Charles report to Dolphin’s training camp

Mr. Seifert took at chance on both of them and it will be interesting to see how they pan out. Ricky, formerly one of the top receivers in the league, was cut from the Packers following an incident he had at a night club. As for Charles, coming back from retirement is never easy and we saw that during the drills he ran for Mr. Seifert. The real question will be if Ricky “the motherfucker” can go a whole season without any off the field problems? Yeah, doubt it.

Charles and Julie are expecting a baby

I think it’s either the last or second to last episode we find out that Julie is pregnant. They’ve been trying for a while so I’m happy that Charles will be having a child and not with the girl that continually sexted him after Anderson’s corporate event.

Reggie and Spencer have squashed their beef

Did you really watch Ballers if you didn’t, at multiple times, hope that Spencer would give Reggie a right hook to the jaw? I guess we’ll have to settle for him pushing Reggie into the DJ booth. However, now it looks like we won’t have to worry about any of that because in the closing moments of season one, Reggie and Spencer put their past behind them. In the words to Reggie,”everything is everything.”

Ricky and Bella remained separated

It’s hard to believe the two stayed together for as long as they did. Clearly Ricky’s lifestyle wore Bella down to the point of her leaving for the last time. Despite Ricky’s numerous attempts to win her back, the two end the season separated and who knows what their status will be come season two.

Spencer has no brain damage from his playing days

This storyline got a bit neglected throughout season one, but I felt it was a major part of the show. After spending a number of years as a NFL linebacker, Spencer experienced health complications that pointed to brain damage from his playing days. However, doctors concluded that Spencer’s brain was normal for his age and all his complications were just mental. One less thing for him to worry about in season two.

I’ll end this preview with the season two trailer. It looks like there is going to be some sort of rivalry with another financial manager, who Joe and Spencer seem to try and take clients from. Other than that, there looks to be a whole new level of partying and women. Needless to say, I’m excited.


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